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Please note that this advice pertains to the 2018/19 grant round. An update will be available when the 2019/20 grant round is announced.


The Australia-China Council (ACC) is the Australian Government's advisory and funding body dedicated to strengthening of cultural, education, business, and more broadly, people-to-people relations between Australia and China.

In 2018/19 we will deliver around A$800,000 in grants for organisations and individuals across Australia. The Council's funding is determined by the Government, and is subject to the scope and availability of funding in each financial year.

The Grants section of the website provides you with information about our 2018/19 funding program and the funding application process. It also includes information about what happens after you have applied and if you are successful.

Grants at a glance

Through our annual competitive grants program, the Australia-China Council supports projects across mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Macau and Australia that broaden and strengthen Australia-China relations in education, business, culture and the arts.

Australia-China Council grants provide funding of up to $40,000 for innovative proposals relevant to the objectives of the Australia-China Council Strategic Plan 2018-22. The Council will normally hold one grant round each year, opening in February.

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