World Trade Organization (WTO)

WTO Doha Round Bulletin

Week ending 20 February 2004 (Issue 2004/6)

Key Issues

EU Trade Commissioner and US Trade Representative continue to push for progress

Both European Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy and US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick attended an informal meeting of African Trade Ministers in Kenya on 18 February. Meeting with Ministers from 18 African countries, Lamy and Zoellick sought to clarify positions as well as encourage progress in the Doha Round. The meeting was also attended by WTO Director-General Supachai.

The Kenyan meeting was part of a busy schedule for Lamy. In January he visited India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and also met with ASEAN countries to discuss aspects of the post-Cancun negotiating environment. Speaking in New Delhi in late January, Lamy encouraged developing countries such as India to allow greater market access for other developing countries, noting that some 40 per cent of developing country trade is intra-developing country trade. Lamy is scheduled to meet with USTR Zoellick in Paris on 19 February and to visit the United States later this month.

Cairns Group to meet 23-25 February

Trade Minister Mark Vaile will chair a meeting of the Cairns Group in Costa Rica from 23-25 February. The Cairns Group will also meet WTO Director-General Supachai, US Trade Representative Zoellick, Mexican Foreign Minister Derbez and Cairns Group farm leaders during the meeting. Trade Minister Mark Vaile issued a press release prior to leaving for Costa Rica.

Forthcoming meetings in Geneva


24-26 Working Party on the Accession of Saudi Arabia

26 Information Technology Agreement Committee


1 Dispute Settlement Body –Special Session

3–5 WTO Trade Policy Review: Sri Lanka

4 Working Party on the Accession of Kazakhstan

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This bulletin is issued by the Office of Trade Negotiations, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It summarises key WTO Doha Round-related activities over the past week.

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