Australia and the G20

Australia is a founding member of the Group of Twenty (G20), a key forum for international economic cooperation. The G20 consists of 19 countries and the European Union, representing around 85 per cent of global GDP, more than 75 per cent of global trade and almost two-thirds of the world's population.

The G20 played a key role in responding to the GFC of 2008-2009. The decisive and coordinated actions of the G20 boosted consumer and business confidence and supported the first stages of economic recovery. The G20 continues to focus on measures to support global economic growth, with a strong emphasis on promoting job creation and open trade.

Australia takes over the presidency of the G20 on 1 December 2013 from Russia, and Turkey will succeed Australia in 2015. The G20 leader's summit in 2014 will be held on 15 and 16 November in Brisbane, Queensland. Hosting the G20 in 2014 gives Australia a valuable opportunity to influence the economic policies of the major economies of the world and contribute to a healthy global economy.

G20 members
Argentina European Union Italy Saudi Arabia
Australia France Japan South Africa
Brazil Germany Mexico Turkey
Canada India Republic of Korea United Kingdom
China Indonesia Russian Federation United States

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G20 in the world

G20 in the world: 86.0% of Global GDP; 76.2% of World Trade; 64.6% of World Population

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