Australia's top 10 import sources 2012(a)(b)

Import market Goods Services Total % share
China Goods A$44.5b Services A$1.9b Total A$46.3b 14.3%
United States (c) Goods A$30.5b Services A$11.0b Total A$41.6b 12.8%
Japan Goods A$19.0b Services A$2.3b Total A$21.3b 6.6%
Singapore Goods A$14.5b Services A$4.3b Total A$18.8b 5.8%
Germany Goods A$11.2b Services A$1.5b Total A$12.7b 3.9%
Thailand Goods A$10.2b Services A$2.5b Total A$12.7b 3.9%
United Kingdom Goods A$6.7b Services A$5.0b Total A$11.8b 3.6%
Malaysia Goods A$9.6b Services A$1.3b Total A$10.9b 3.4%
Republic of Korea Goods A$9.9b Services A$0.5b Total A$10.3b 3.2%
New Zealand Goods A$7.3b Services A$2.9b Total A$10.2b 3.1%
Total imports Total goods A$261.0b Total services A$62.4b Total goods and services A$323.4b
of which:
APEC (c) Goods A$171.9b Services A$34.5b Total A$206.4b 63.8
ASEAN10 Goods A$45.4b Services A$12.0b Total A$57.4b 17.7
EU28 Goods A$42.7b Services A$13.5b Total A$56.2b 17.4
OECD (c) Goods A$119.0b Services A$33.3b Total A$152.3b 47.1