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Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally

Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally

Transnational Terrorism: The Threat to Australia

Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2004

ISBN 1 920959 04 1

Information Sheet 6: Countering the terrorist threat - At home

  • Australia's international efforts to combat terrorism draw upon the capacities and systems developed to ensure the safety and security of the Australian community from the threat of terrorism.
  • The Australian Government has put in place a comprehensive set of counter-terrorism measures based around tougher anti-terrorism laws and stronger terrorism fighting agencies. Our international engagement is an integral part of the Government's counter-terrorism strategy.
  • New laws make it a crime to commit, train or prepare for a terrorist act. It is also illegal to be a member of, support or finance a terrorist organisation. Other laws have dealt with suppressing terrorist financing and improving border security.
  • Australian agencies have been strengthened and their authority and capacities boosted to ensure that they can counter the terrorist threat.
  • Australia's intelligence agencies now have their greatest capacity ever to collect, sort, retrieve and analyse terrorism-related information.
  • A dedicated 24 hour, seven-day-week National Threat Assessment Centre (NTAC) has been established to monitor and analyse all available intelligence and information relating to terrorism available to the Australian Government. NTAC also prepares assessments of the likelihood and probable nature of terrorism and other acts of politically motivated violence against Australia and Australian citizens, at home and overseas.
  • The capacity of the Australian Federal Police to investigate and prevent terrorist activity in Australia has been upgraded significantly. The AFP has established new Joint Counter-Terrorism Teams with all state and territory police services.
  • The Australian Defence Force has formed a second tactical assault group to respond to terrorist incidents on the East coast of Australia.
  • Border protection measures have been strengthened and improvements made to container screening at Australian ports. Air Security Officers have been introduced on domestic flights and aviation security has been improved by increased baggage and passenger screening and tighter security at airports.
  • Steps have been taken to increase the level of protection for Australia's national critical infrastructure including communications networks, banking, electricity, water and food supplies, and transport networks.
  • A National Security Hotline - 1800 123 400 - has been created as a single point of contact for the public for national security information.

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