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Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally

Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally

Transnational Terrorism: The Threat to Australia

Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2004

ISBN 1 920959 04 1

Information Sheet 5: Countering the terrorist threat - Overseas

  • The Australian Government is firmly committed to supporting the global campaign against terrorism. This is in Australia's national interest. We made the choice to join our international partners in taking the fight to the terrorists to protect our country, our people, our way of life, our values and our freedom.
  • No country can combat the threat from transnational terrorism on its own. Effective action requires a coordinated international response based on close and sustained international cooperation. In the face of terrorist threats, the security of Australia and Australia's interests depends to a significant degree on a collective international response.
  • Australia and our partners in South-East Asia and the Pacific have a shared interest in the region's successful management of the terrorist threat. Our interests in the region are extensive and it is here that we can make our most significant contribution to the global campaign against terrorism.
  • The focus of our cooperation in the region is on meeting immediate operational requirements and helping to develop the counter-terrorism capabilities of our regional partners over the longer term. This cooperation is underpinned by a network of bilateral counter-terrorism arrangements.
  • Australia and Indonesia recently established the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation. The Centre will help strengthen the operational expertise of regional law enforcement agencies in dealing with transnational crime, including terrorism.
  • Australia is supporting counter-terrorism activities in regional organisations such as APEC, the ASEAN Regional Forum, the Asia-Pacific Group on Money Laundering and the Pacific Islands Forum.
  • Globally, Australia is playing an active role in supporting the counter-terrorism work of the United Nations, including its work on stopping terrorist financing. We are also working hard to prevent terrorists acquiring weapons of mass destruction and related sensitive material and technology through activities such as the Proliferation Security Initiative.
  • The Australian Government is endeavouring to enhance international understanding of religion and cultures - an important element in the fight against terrorism. As part of this effort, Australia and Indonesia have agreed to establish an inter-faith dialogue involving regional leaders from around the region. This initiative complements Australia's other programs that strengthen links with mainstream Islamic organisations in the region.
  • The Australian Defence Force has been deployed twice since September 11 in major military operations against terrorism, first in Afghanistan and presently in Iraq where international terrorists are among those fighting coalition forces.

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