The APEC Region, Trade and Investment cover

The APEC Region, Trade and Investment 2014

Published: October 2014

This publication is part of a geographic set of trade publications released annually by DFAT. It presents statistical data describing Australia's trade and investment with APEC through 2013.

Included is a comparison of APEC's economic and trade highlights between 1992 and 2013. Data is included which details Australia's trade highlights with the APEC region in 2013; Australia's investment relationship with APEC members; and APEC members' intra- and extra-regional merchandise exports.

Statistics presented describe the composition and direction of Australia's goods and services trade with APEC countries, foreign investment, and a comparison of GDP and trade between APEC and the rest of the world.

APEC Region, Trade and Investment 2014 [PDF 1.23 MB]