Gratis Passports

Approved categories:gratis passport

In accordance with the Australian Passports Act 2005, Section 56, passport application fees may only be waived in specified circumstances.

Approved categories: gratis passport

The Minister for Foreign Affairs has decided that only the following categories of persons may be issued with a gratis passport:

Authorised officers do not have the authority to waive passports fees outside the approved categories.

Gratis passports outside approved categories

The Minister has delegated part of his power under 8.2(j) of the Determination to allow senior departmental officers to determine whether special circumstances exist to waive passport fees in individual cases only.

Applications for gratis passports may be lodged at an Australia Post Office that conducts passport interviews, a Passport Office or an overseas mission.

Gratis replacements with less than 2 years validity

Where the gratis replacement passport would have less than 2 years validity, the applicant should be advised of the consequences for subsequent renewal of their passport (i.e. a gratis replacement with less than 2 years validity cannot be used to obtain a PC7 form for renewing an adult passport and cannot be used as proof of citizenship or identity).

Full application forms (PC1, 4 or 8) and full supporting documentation would be required for the subsequent renewal of their passport.