Limited Validity Passport(LVP)

Issuing Office:LVP

Limited Validity passports are only issued by Passport Offices in Australia, London and Washington.

When can a LVP be issued

Replacing lost/stolen passports:LVP

As a general rule Limited Validity passports are not issued within Australia to replace lost/stolen passports.

Non-Validated cardinal documents:LVP

Limited Validity passports are issued to those applicants who are not eligible for a full validity passport due to a discrepancy with an applicant’s cardinal document and the inability to validate the name that appears in their previous passport.

Incomplete documentation (Australia, London and Washington only):LVP

If a passport is required urgently for immediate travel and the applicant is unable to provide complete documentation before departure, Passport Offices in Australia, London and Washington may issue a limited validity passport similar to the defined circumstances as described in ‘ When can an Emergency passport be issued ’, provided the person’s identity, citizenship and entitlement have been confirmed and there is no reason to doubt the applicant’s bona fides.

Such a document should be issued with the minimum validity to meet the person’s immediate travel needs but in any case no more than 12 months.


The validity period of a Limited Validity passport must be restricted to the minimum necessary to undertake travel with 12 months being the maximum.

Note: 12 months should not be the normal validity.

Processing fee:LVP

The applicant must pay the full application fee for a Limited Validity passport and where applicable, the priority processing fee (PPF).

However, in the case of the PPF, when there is a failure by the Australian Passport Office to meet the 10 working day turnaround time for the issue of a full validity passport and it becomes necessary to issue a Limited Validity passport to allow an applicant to meet their immediate travel commitments, under the Australian Passports Determination 2005, Section 8.3 (6), Extenuating or unusual circumstances, the applicant may request a refund of the PPF for the issue of the Limited Validity passport. There is no provision under the Determination to waive the fee. See ‘ Priority processing fee refund ’.


When issuing Emergency or Limited Validity passports, do not place any observations related to the circumstances of the limitation of validity in the passport unless instructed to do so by Canberra.

Replacing a LVP

A Limited Validity passport may be exchanged for a passport with the residual validity (up to ten years for adults and five years for minors) from the date of issue of the Limited Validity passport with the amended details or reassigned gender when cardinal documentation is provided.

All requirements for issue must be met regardless of whether the documentation was provided at the office issuing the Limited Validity passport.

There is no fee for a replacement full validity passport issued under this provision provided the full application fee was paid at the time the Limited Validity passport was issued and full validity application made before the Limited Validity passport expires.