The Australian Passport Office will consider the issue of a Document of Identity (DOI) in very limited compassionate circumstances to people who possess the nationality of a Commonwealth country and who have an urgent need to travel but cannot obtain a travel document from their own embassy/country.

Criteria for issuing Document of Identity – compassionate circumstances

Any application that does not meet these criteria should not be accepted by a Passport Office and the individual referred direct to their own government for a solution.

Delay is not an acceptable reason for entitlement to a DOI. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has ruled that it is not unreasonable to wait six months to be issued a passport from the country of nationality.

One-way travel and validity period of Document of Identity for approved applicants

Where DOIs are approved for issue to persons who meet the limited criteria outline above, the document should be restricted to one-way travel to their country of nationality or to a country where they can obtain their own passport. A maximum validity period of 3 months is sufficient in most cases.

Details shown in Document of Identity

Nationality and place of birth - The applicant’s nationality and place of birth is shown in the DOI.

Sex – The sex field is always left blank.