Intention to travel, maximum 3 years validity:COI

A Certificate of Identity (COI) is only issued where a definite intention to travel is established. The Australian Passports Determination 2005, Section 6.2 has set the validity of a COI to a maximum of three years.

Holder COI has returned to own country

A Certificate of Identity (COI) is not to be revalidated overseas where the holder has:

In these cases the document is, under the Australian Passports Determination, Section 6.2, considered an invalid document and should be demanded up if the circumstances present themselves.

Revalidation or extension of a COI

Requests for a Certificate of Identity (COI) to be revalidated at an overseas post are to be referred to the Canberra for approval provided the applicant continues to be stateless, a refugee or has a valid protection Class BA subclass 202 Global Special Humanitarian, Special Assistance Category 208–217 visa or a Protection (Subclass 866) visa.

However, before returning an application for revalidating a COI the post must be satisfied that a document cannot be obtained from the applicant’s country of nationality.

Revalidations must not extend the life beyond five years of the original date of issue.