An endorsement can be printed directly onto the observation page or on a label that is placed on the observation page of a travel document where information is relevant to the identity of the bearer and/or the purpose of their travel.

The following formats for endorsements are routinely used and are preformatted in the Passport Issuance and Control System (PICS).

Note: An observation must not be in conflict with any details on the bio-data page of the travel document.


Approved text for endorsement

Emergency passports

Valid for one-way travel to {country} only

Valid for travel between {country} and {country} only

Documents of Identity

Valid for travel between the Australian mainland and Norfolk Island only

Valid for one-way travel to {country} only

Valid for travel between {country} and {country} only

Certificates of Identity and Convention Travel Documents

The validity of this Document has been extended to …./…./….
Authorised Officer {Signature} {Date} {Location}

Concurrent Ordinary passports for official travel to Taiwan

Not to be revalidated or reissued without reference to {issuing office}

Diplomatic passports

Bearer is {title as listed in Diplomatic passports table}

Diplomatic passports

Bearer is {position*} {name of mission}

Diplomatic passports

Bearer is the {spouse/dependant/member of the household} of the {position*} {name of mission}

Official passports

Bearer is {title as listed in Official passports table}

Official passports

Bearer is travelling on Government business

Official passports

Bearer is {spouse/dependant/member of the household} of the {title as listed in Official passports table or travelling on Government business}

Awards and decorations

Bearer holds the award of {full name of award e.g. Order of Australia Medal, Member of the British Empire}

Limited validity passports issued in London, Washington or Australia

This is a limited validity passport. If you apply in person before this document expires, and meet all requirements on the application, a replacment passport, extended to the full validity will be issued free.

The following position* designations are approved for use in diplomatic passports:

Where required by the local Foreign Ministry the following position designations may be used:

Passport staff have no authority to vary the text of an endorsement from the standards listed above.