Review of decisions

Reviewable decisions

The Australian Passports Act 2005 (the Act), Section 48 provides for certain decisions to be reviewable decisions. The decisions that are reviewable are listed below.

Applying for a review of a decision

Applications for a review of a decision must be lodged within 28 days after the applicant has been notified of the original decision. There is no fee for lodging a request for a review of a decision.

Internal review of a reviewable decision will be undertaken by an officer who has not been involved in the original decision to examine all the facts carefully. The original decision may be affirmed; it may be varied; or it may be set aside and a new decision made in its place.

If the applicant is still not satisfied following the internal review, they may seek to have the decision further reviewed by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (except for the non-reviewable decisions, mentioned above).