Where an Eligibility Officer assesses a passport application for a person (the applicant) for who a competent authority has made a request under the Act, a letter must be sent to the applicant advising them of the decision and informing them of their review rights under section 48 of the Act.

The letter will also give the applicant a period of 10 working days to resolve the circumstances preventing the issue of a passport (e.g. to liaise with law enforcement authorities about an outstanding warrant), otherwise the application will be refused. During this period the application will remain on HOLD in PICS.

Where an application is refused, any application fee cannot be refunded or transferred to any subsequent application. Any new application must be accompanied by payment of the appropriate application fee.

Decisions to cancel a passport (and at times not to issue a passport) will generally be taken by the Minister for Foreign Affairs. In such cases the Competent Authority and Approved Senior Officer Unit (CAU) will send written advice to the applicant about the decision and right of review. In most circumstances the letter will also demand the surrender of the cancelled passport.