The applicant may nominate to appear in their Australian travel document the family name/s shown on their RBDM marriage or registered relationship certificate.

The applicant (either bride or groom; or either partner of a Registered Relationship) may choose one of the following family name options from the names appearing on their RBDM registered marriage or registered relationship certificate:

  • Retain their existing family name (the family name on their cardinal document);

  • Adopt their spouse’s/partner’s family name;

  • Adopt the family name as recorded on a RBDM marriage or registered relationship certificate;

  • Add their spouse’s/partner’s family name to their own name, either with or without hyphens and either by adding the name before or after their existing family name.

For example, if Mary Smith marries Barry Brown, their names could be:

    Mary Smith

    Barry Brown

    Mary Brown

    Barry Smith

    Mary Smith Brown

    Barry Brown Smith

    Mary Brown Smith

    Barry Smith Brown

    Mary Smith-Brown

    Barry Brown-Smith

    Mary Brown-Smith

    Barry Smith-Brown

For example, if Lisa Smith registers her relationship with Tammy Jones, their names could be:

    Lisa Smith

    Tammy Jones

    Lisa Jones

    Tammy Smith

    Lisa Smith Jones

    Tammy Jones Smith

    Lisa Jones Smith

    Tammy Smith Jones

    Lisa Smith-Jones

    Tammy Jones-Smith

    Lisa Jones-Smith

    Tammy Smith-Jones