When first notified of the loss/theft of a travel document, Passport Offices/overseas missions must immediately verify the holder’s identity (see below) and record the travel document as lost or stolen in the Passport Issuing and Control System and before processing an application to replace the lost/stolen travel document.

Advice that must be given to the client: lost/stolen

If identity is confirmed the applicant should be asked to provide their current residential address and whether this is the usual mail address for future correspondence.

The person reporting the lost/stolen travel document must be advised that:

Penalties apply under the Australian Passports Act 2005 and the Criminal Code for making a false statement or report about a lost or stolen travel document.

Letter to client confirming cancellation: lost/stolen

Once a passport has been cancelled, Letter 1 must be completed and sent out to the client to confirm cancellation, provide details on how they can re-apply for a new passport and to contact the Australian Passport Information Service (APIS), the Consular Emergency Centre (CEC) or the nearest Australian diplomatic or consular mission overseas if the passport is subsequently found.

Other forms as required (e.g. application form) should accompany Letter 1.

Police reports required: lost/stolen

A person who has reported their travel document lost or stolen will need to obtain a police report if they wish to claim a refund of the additional lost/stolen fee to demonstrate that the circumstances of the loss or theft fall within the refund policy guidelines. See ‘ Lost/stolen fee refund ’.