Passport not received within 60 days: lost/stolen

When a travel document is reported as lost or missing in the mail or in transit to an overseas post by the courier service within 60 days of the date of despatch, a replacement document may then be issued on receipt of a Statutory Declaration (or Form B-11) from the client but only when a thorough investigation by the Passport Office or overseas post to attempt to locate the missing document has been unsuccessful and there is no evidence that the applicant in any way contributed to the loss. No fee from the client applies.

A gratis replacement for a passport lost during delivery can be applied for at any stage during the 60 day period providing a reasonable period has been allowed for delivery of the original document and provided all has been done to trace the missing document. When assessing a reasonable period for delivery consideration should be given to the usual timeliness of the delivery system utilised. The applicant does not need to submit a new application form, photos etc.

If an applicant has contributed to the loss of the travel document (i.e. put his/her wrong delivery address on the application form) then the cost of any replacement document is a charge to the applicant.

Passport not received after 60 days: lost/stolen

If an applicant waits longer than 60 days before notifying the Passport Office that they have not received their passport, they must apply for a new passport on a new application form, providing the required photos etc. The normal fee applies.