Under the Australian Passports Act 2005, Section 15, the delegate may refuse to issue a passport to a person if, in the five years before the passport application under consideration is made, two or more Australian passports issued to the person have been lost or stolen.

Where an applicant has multiple losses and/or thefts (two or more travel documents reported lost/stolen in the five year period up to the date of the application) the matter must be thoroughly investigated. The applicant must be interviewed to clarify the circumstances of the repeated loss/thefts and to ensure they are genuine. The applicant should be advised that the matter is serious and there will be a delay in the issue of a replacement travel document.

In cases where fraud or breaches of the Act are involved the delegate may decide to issue only a limited validity Document of Identity (DOI).

Maximum validity

The Australian Passports Determination, Section 5.1, allows for a maximum validity of five years for a passport issued to a person who has lost and/or had stolen three or more travel documents in the last five years before the date of application for the passport. Applications that come under this Section must be referred to the appropriate delegate in Australia, London or Washington for a decision regarding the type of travel document which can be issued.