Reported lost/stolen document by holder

If a reported lost or stolen passport is subsequently found by the holder, the holder must return it to the nearest Passport Office or overseas diplomatic or consular mission for physical cancellation.

A passport which has previously been reported as lost or stolen is a cancelled and invalid travel document. It cannot be reinstated for further use under any circumstances regardless of any important visas the document may contain and under the Australian Passport Act 2005, Section 32, it is a serious breach of the Act for a person to use an invalid passport for travel (or a Passport Officer to give approval for invalid documents to be used for travel).

Overseas border control authorities and Interpol are regularly advised of lost/stolen travel documents and are likely to question or detain people using such documents.

See also ‘ Lost/stolen fee refund ’.

Reported lost/stolen document by person other than holder

If a person finds someone else’s travel document, they are required by the Australian Passports Act 2005, Section 24 and 32, to return the travel document to the nearest Passport Office or overseas post otherwise it could be considered to be an offence against the Act.