Additional fees

Additional fees for passport replacement of lost/stolen

Applications to replace lost or stolen travel documents are subject to the following fees in addition to the normal application fee (and where appropriate the priority processing fee):

Note: If the loss or theft is attributed to illegal or fraudulent activities the delegate may consider restricting the validity of any replacement travel document or issue only a limited validity Document of Identity (DOI).

There are no exceptions to the requirement to pay the additional fee.

Exclusions: additional fees for lost/stolen

Travel documents recorded as lost but replaced by a gratis document issued under a specific ministerial approval (e.g. natural disasters) are to be excluded from these calculations.

Passports that are lost during delivery are also excluded.

Calculation period: additional fees for lost/stolen

The additional fee policy applies to all applications lodged on or after 1 July 2005. The five year period for assessing the number of lost or stolen travel documents for an applicant is retrospective – i.e. for an application lodged on 26 August 2005 all lost or stolen travel documents reported on and between 27 August 2000 and 26 August 2005 will be considered when determining any additional fee that must be paid.

Emergency passport replacement: lost/stolen fee

If an Emergency passport that is to be replaced with a full validity document cannot be produced at interview it is considered lost/stolen and the applicant must complete section 10 of the application form and pay the lost/stolen fee, see ‘ Replacing an Emergency passport ’.

Unrecognised passport due to serious damage

Where an unexpired seriously damaged Australian travel document is unrecognisable (i.e. it cannot be clearly identified as belonging to the applicant because both the bio page and book number are indecipherable), then this constitutes a lost/stolen travel document for the purposes of recording in PICS and collecting the additional lost and stolen fee.

See also ‘ Damaged Travel Documents ’.