Photograph requirements

The photographs submitted must meet the following requirements:

The photographs must be of good quality colour, on high quality paper with no ink marks on the image, appropriate brightness and contrast, natural skin tones, taken with uniform lighting (no shadows across the face) and are clear and in sharp focus. Digital photographs should be checked to ensure that they meet the requirements as they often produce a poor quality passport image.

An application should not be accepted if photographs are not a good likeness of the applicant, not of adequate quality or do not meet the size requirements. If photographs do not meet the standards required, the applicant should be asked to provide two identical photographs, not more than six months old.

Expressions of children under 3 years of age

In view of the rapid change in facial appearance of babies as they grow, passport staff may exercise flexibility in applying the photograph guidelines to babies.

Photographs of infants under 3 years of age showing the following expressions are acceptable:

Replacing photographs – children under 5 years of age

Although photographs cannot be replaced during the ‘life’ (period of validity) of a passport, an exception is made for children under five years who have been issued with a passport in their first year of life. Such children may be issued with a replacement passport with a new photograph, issued for the remaining validity of the current passport.

The passport will be issued gratis.

Full parental consent is required before a replacement gratis passport may be issued.