The three PIDS categories (A, B and C) listed on adult passport application forms are designed to perform specific functions in confirming an applicant’s identity at interview. In accordance with National Privacy Principles, where the applicant has provided PIDS that show information that is not required for the purposes of issuing a travel document, this information must be blacked out. Generally this will mean that bank account details (numbers and balances) shown on the bank/credit cards and bank account records will need to be blacked out prior to scanning by the interviewer. Information relevant only to the application will be retained by the Department (See ‘ Confidentiality of records / Privacy Act 1988 / Freedom of Information (1.3.3) ).

Category A documents: PIDS

Includes those documents that can tie the applicant's face to a name i.e. documents that contain a photographic image of the holder and the person’s signature:

Category B documents: PIDS

Includes those documents that prove the person operates in the community in that identity:

Category C documents: PIDS

Includes those documents that prove that the person in that identity is a resident in the community and provides proof of the person’s address:

Photographic ID – acceptable PIDS examples

Photo ID should be in the form of an official document that includes a photograph and signature. Examples include a drivers’ licence, residency card, credit card, birth card, student card or an employment identity card.