Renewing a child's passport

Parental consent: renewal of a child's passport

Children cannot ‘renew’ a passport like an adult can using a PC7 form as parental consent must be confirmed for each application. An application for the renewal/replacement of a child’s passport that was issued without full consent requires the same documentation and the same treatment as the initial application.

Lost/stolen child passports whilst overseas

If the child’s previous travel document was either lost or stolen while overseas, and the applicant is seeking a replacement document, a completed application form must be lodged and the person lodging on behalf of the child must attend an interview at an Australian diplomatic mission or consulate overseas.

For all applications, the person lodging the application must be able to identify themselves, and the interviewer must be able to establish their relationship to the child, see ‘ Lodgement of child application ’.

All persons with parental responsibilities must provide consent to the issue. Where these consents are not provided (but required) the application requires Approved Senior Officer (ASO) approval.