The Passport Issuing Control System (PICS) may indicate that an applicant who has submitted an application already has a valid travel document of the same type and:

A replacement document is not to be issued without approval , however, where it is determined the application is genuine and the applicant can confirm that they are not seeking a concurrent document but wish to proceed to replace their current valid travel document then the applicant must surrender the valid travel document to the Passport Office or overseas mission so it can be cancelled both physically and on PICS before any replacement document is to be issued. There are no exceptions. If the holder cannot located and surrender the valid travel document, then the document should be considered as lost/stolen. See ‘ Lost/Stolen Travel Documents ’.

Letter 15 must be sent to the applicant to request that the valid document be surrendered and cancelled. If the applicant wishes to have the cancelled document returned the applicant must provide a stamped self-addressed envelope of suitable size to hold the document. The travel document may then be returned to the applicant separately from the new one after it has been physically and electronically cancelled . Where no self-addressed envelope is provided the travel document should be destroyed in the normal manner immediately after it has been electronically cancelled.