Travel document application forms (PC1, 4, 5, 7, 8) stipulate the requirements that the adult or child applicant must meet when applying for an Australian travel document. A completed PC5 application (for Convention Travel Documents and Certificate’s of Identity) may be lodged in Australia by non-Australian citizens at a Passport Office only. See ‘ Certificate of Identity(COI) ’, ‘ Convention Travel Documents (CTD) ’ .

Lodging in Australia

Applicants residing in Australia must lodge their application in person at a Passport Office or an accredited Australia Post Outlet and attend an interview conducted by an accredited Interview Officer. See ‘ Delegations & Authorisations ’.

Lodging overseas – in person/mail

Applicants residing overseas must lodge their application with their nearest Australian Diplomatic or Consular Mission and should attend an interview conducted by an accredited Interview Officer or Authorised Officer. See ‘ Delegations & Authorisations ’.

Overseas missions have the discretion to accept renewal applications by mail if they believe that such practice is appropriate, taking into consideration local conditions (e.g. security and level of local mail service). The exception acknowledges the limited locations available overseas to attend an interview compared to the Australian network consisting of Passport Offices and Australia Post Outlets and the difficulty and costs applicants may incur in attending an interview. However, the overseas mission can request an applicant to attend an interview after lodging by mail if it is deemed necessary to establish identity/citizenship.

The passport to be replaced (and original supporting documentation for a PC8 application) must accompany the application.

Applicants whose previous passport was either lost, stolen or seriously damaged while overseas, and are seeking a replacement document, must attend a passport interview at an Australian diplomatic or consular mission overseas, see ‘ Lost/Stolen Travel Documents ’ and ‘ Damaged Travel Documents ’.

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Purpose of the interview

The principle purpose of the interview is to positively confirm the identity of the applicant. The interviewer must also ensure information provided on the form is correct and supported, where necessary, by appropriate documentation so the applicant’s Australian citizenship status and entitlement to a travel document can be assessed by the Australian Passport Office.

Checking of the application form and documents that must be provided

Before accepting an application for an Australian passport, the interviewer must ensure that:

See ‘ Interview ’ for details of lodgement requirements.

Child applications

For additional lodgement requirements in respect to a child application, see ‘ Supporting documentation for child application ’.