Born Overseas


People born outside Australia granted Australian citizenship

Australians born outside Australia are required to provide documentary evidence of Australian citizenship.

Over the years various forms of evidence of citizenship have been issued:

Prior to 1 July 2002 if a child was granted Australian citizenship with their parent, their personal details were included on a parent’s citizenship certificate. From 1 July 2002 all children who acquire Australian citizenship are issued with their own certificate.

Citizenship by Descent

People born outside Australia may have acquired citizenship by descent under the Australian Citizenship Act 2007.

The following evidence is required:

Adoption overseas

Types of adoptions

There are three types of overseas adoptions: intercountry adoptions, expatriate adoptions and private adoptions.

Intercountry adoptions

Expatriate adoptions

Overseas private adoptions

Adopted children born in Mainland China

Applications for adopted children born overseas

Required documentation