A parent who wishes to lodge an alert must do so in writing by:

The original form may be lodged in person or by mail at:

A faxed copy, or scanned copy sent via email, of the PC9 form may be accepted in an emergency but the original form must be lodged as soon as possible. Under no circumstances is a child alert to be raised on the basis of a telephone call alone.

Request to withdraw a child alert after lodgement

The parent who requested the child alert must complete a PC9 marking "Withdraw an existing alert" in the appropriate box.

The original form may be lodged in person or by mail at:

Details of person requesting a child alert

The person requesting the alert must provide:

These details must be included on the PC9 form and recorded on PICS within one working day of receipt. Copies of any court orders should be retained with the PC9 form.

No guarantee child alert prevents passport issue or travel

There is no guarantee that acceptance of the child alert will prevent a passport being issued to the child nor will it prevent a child leaving Australia if he/she already has a passport or is entitled to obtain a passport from another country.

People seeking to use the passport alert system must also be made aware of the Airport Watch List operated by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and should be advised to contact the AFP Family Law Unit in their State or Territory for details.

The information on the back of the PC9 form should be brought to the attention of the person lodging the alert request.

See also ‘ Advice to a person who requests an alert ’.