Australian legislation specific to travel documents

Australian legislation specifically related to travel documents includes:

Other Australian legislation impacting on travel documents

Other Australian legislation that impacts on passport and travel document processes includes:

Australian administrative law often relevant

Australian administrative law that is often also relevant includes:

International agreements impacting on travel documents

Some international agreements impact on passport and travel document practices. These include:

Offences: false and/or misleading statements


There are penalties for anyone making false or misleading statements in respect of passport issue. If an employee suspects on reasonable grounds that the applicant, guarantor, or any other person associated with a passport application may have made a false or misleading statement, they must refer the matter to Passport Fraud Section for investigation.

Offences, definitions and penalties are set out in the Australian Passports Act 2005, Sections 27 to 41.

Travel document not to be issued

Where an employee suspects a false or misleading statement has been made, a travel document may not be issued unless approval is given by the Passport Fraud Section.