Board appointments flowchart

Text description of the Board appointments flowchart

image of the board appointments flow chart with arrows indicating next steps

Text Description of the Board appointments flowchart

Step one:

Secretariat short-lists nominees (in consultation with Ambassador for Women & Girls) and drafts a Minute to the Secretary (through ex-officio) for approval

Step two:

Secretariat drafts min sub enclosing short list of nominees (including short CVs) and sends to Minister’s office

Step three:

Minister indicates his order of preference to approach short listed nominees

Step four:

Secretariat approaches Minister’s preferred candidates and determines their willingness/availability to serve on Board

Step 5 – Appointing Authority:

Minister, Prime Minister/Cabinet or Governor-General

If Appointing Authority is Minister:

If Appointing Authority is Prime Minister/Cabinet:

If Appointing Authority is Governor-General:

Step 6:

Secretariat sends letters of appointment to successful nominees together with:

Step 7:

Newly appointed Board members return completed Private Interests Declaration, Tax File Declaration and e-commerce forms to Secretariat for filing/action with Financial Services Branch

Step 8:

Secretariat sends Tax File Declarations and Minute to Payroll Services Section requesting new members to be set up in payroll system. E-commerce and Statement By A Supplier forms to be sent to FSB to create customer and vendor records for new Board members

Step 9:

Secretariat updates AusGovBoards website