474 Cablegram to Jakarta

Canberra, 30 June 1976


Message to the President from Prime Minister

The following is the text of the message referred to in our immediately preceding telegram:1


Your Excellency,
I have asked my Ambassador, Mr Woolcott, to see you personally to give you background information about my talks with the Chinese leaders. I have in mind that he particularly discuss with you press reports which could give a misleading impression of the substance of our discussions.

I am particularly upset about press reports which imply that comments had been made reflecting on Indonesia and your own distinguished leadership. You should know that during my discussions I was very conscious of the need to keep Indonesian interests in mind, and the Ambassador will be able to make this clear to you. I want you to know that I hold the relationship between Indonesia and Australia in the first importance and I attach great significance to the development of a close relationship between us personally.

With this in mind I feel it important to have a personal meeting with you as we had agreed in our previous exchanges.2 I should like to visit Indonesia at a time that is convenient to you, but the dates I have tentatively set aside are 10 to 12 October. I would be grateful if you could confirm whether these dates would be convenient to you, or any alternative dates you may have in mind around this period.

Malcolm Fraser


[NAA: Al838, 801/13/10/1, v]