244 Cablegram to Canberra

Jakarta, 29 September 1975


Portuguese Timor

Dr Testuz, ICRC Representative, has asked us to send you the following message:

'During meeting 22/9 Batugade with leaders Movimento Anti Communista Grouping UDT KOTA etc. Australia was under sharp criticism and accused of helping openly FRETILIN. The[y] said (A) Australia sent a team (understand Darby team) under humanitarian cover but its real purposes are all out help. (B) Radio FRETILIN announced an Australian gift of one hundred thousand dollars to FRETILIN. (C) Two senators visited FRETILIN which shows Australia is biased. (D) Plane lent to International Red Cross by Australia is used to transport Darby, Horta, senators. (E) Australian Red Cross medical team makes discrimination and refuses to treat UDT patients. (F) Representative of Australia favoured Favaro 1 is spy of FRETILIN and each time he appears in a UDT place with Red Cross flag and even Red Cross delegate for instance in Baucau or Maubisse this place is attacked by FRETILIN 2 days later. (G) Even attempt by Pasquier to establish Red Cross security zone in Maubisse is believed to be attempt to lure UDT women and children to specific spot which was under heavy FRETILIN shelling 2 days later. Testuz tried to convince UDT of true situation and succeeded in part to do so. Discussion started very violently and finished rather friendly. Unfortunately my presence 22/9 in Batugade was followed 24/9 by attack from FRETILIN and possibly UDT have returned to their previous thinking and there is possible danger for ICRC delegate to go there, as UDT Military Commander (Domingos Oliveres) is mentally unbalanced and all leaders near desperation. Please communicate to Fisher Darwin, Pasquier Red Cross Darwin and Stubbings Red Cross Melbourne.

TESTUZ Jakarta

[NAA: Al838, 4912/111, viii]