110 Minute from Taylor to Woolcott

Jakarta, 14 March 1975


Radio Kupang

Richardson told me yesterday that in broadcasts from Radio Kupang at the end of last week the Prime Minister, Minister for Foreign Affairs and you were quoted as having supported Indonesia's position on Portuguese Timor. The broadcasts had been extreme and apparently talked in terms of Indonesia taking over the territory.

I heard a part of one Radio Kupang broadcast while in Dili. The commentator was shouting, there was martial music and the sound of machine-gun fire. A song was played for the prostitutes in Dili. People in the Administration and others said this type of broadcast was common. In general the aim seemed to be to frighten the people and impress them with the military might of Indonesia. I understand that Radio Atambua is not as bad as Radio Kupang.

In your calls on people such as Ali Murtopo, Yoga and Malik, you might consider it worthwhile mentioning that we have heard reports that Australia's position was being misrepresented by Radio Kupang.1

[NAA: Al0463, 801/13/11/1, ix]