67 Cablegram from Department of External Affairs to High Commission in New Delhi

Canberra, 26 June 1965


Following are extracts from communiqué issued at conclusion Prime Ministers' Conference on 25th June, 1965.1


The Prime Ministers reaffirmed the aim which they had expressed in their statement on Disarmament on 17th March, 1961, namely to achieve total and worldwide disarmament, subject to effective inspection and control.

[matter omitted]

The Prime Ministers emphasised that ways and means should be found for associating the People's Republic of China with future discussions on disarmament.

Indeed they felt that the importance of a solution of the disarmament problem had been underlined by the fact that, since their last meeting, the Government of the People's Republic of China had exploded two nuclear devices and had clearly demonstrated their intention to develop nuclear weapons.

[matter omitted]

[NAA: A1209, 1965/6117]