204 Cablegram from Department of Foreign Affairs to Embassy in Tokyo

Canberra, 9 October 1974

3265. Confidential


We too have had difficulty in discovering what practical measures the United States has in mind to contain nuclear proliferation. It appears to us that there is an active debate going on between the various US agencies concerned and many fundamental questions remain unresolved. Kissinger's statement at UNGA has at least revealed something of the general direction of American thinking.1

  1. For your own background information, we are somewhat concerned that the Americans have also been so unforthcoming in their discussions with the Japanese. However we wonder whether the Americans may have put to the Japanese conditions on nuclear co-operation of which we are as yet unaware. The Americans have told us that, while of course not abandoning the NPT, the US and Soviet Union were seeking to work on lines parallel to it, aimed at creating a network of bilateral undertakings covering the transfer of nuclear materials. We assumed that Japan would be included in any such arrangements.

[matter omitted]

[NAA: A1838, 919/10/5 part 43]