2 Cablegram from Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

London, 28 January 1946

14. Immediate

1. Atomic Energy

We are concerned about press reports on atomic bomb experiments in the Pacific area.1

As Atomic Commission2 has now been constituted please endeavour to ascertain from the United States authorities precisely what is proposed in relation to experiments. Such experiments should only be made with the full knowledge of the Commission under whose jurisdiction the matter of atomic energy has been placed. Please ascertain from experts, such as Professor Oliphant,3 the possibilities of the experiment, and in particular, whether there is any risk of injury from destruction having regard to MacArthur's4 statement published here today that the bomb to be tested is one thousand times more powerful than the bomb used against Japan.

The area proposed for experiment is one in which we are interested. Military, naval and scientific experts should be brought into the matter and informed of the arrangements.

Apart from this experiment a place should be found for Australia's staff experts in connection with the Security Council's military staff work. This is contemplated by the Charter. We will have a very direct interest in this matter during the two years of Australia's membership.5

[matter omitted]

[NAA: A1838, 852/10/4/2/14]