154 Australia-Japan Trade Negotiations: Third Meeting

17th October, 1956


MR PHILLIPS confirmed that certain administrative arrangements had been made which would enable a trader who, prior to 1.7.56 had obtained all or most of his imports from Japan, to be restored to as favourable a relative position as he enjoyed before the licensing changes on 1.7.56.

MR ROBERTSON explained the licensing position to the meeting. He pointed out that traders who formerly imported all or the bulk of their imports from Japan prior to 1.7.56 were at a disadvantage following the intensification of import controls as from 1.7.56.

In order to restore them to the same relative position they enjoyed prior to July we were taking administrative action. Any complaints received by the Japanese Embassy from traditional Japanese importers should be referred to the Import Licensing Branch in Sydney where the necessary adjustments would be made.

MR UYAMA said he was aware of this procedure and it was being studied at the Japanese Consulate in Sydney.

Papers setting out each country's reaction to the papers submitted at the second meeting on 5th October [2] were exchanged and examined.

MR PHILLIPS suggested we would like time to study the Japanese reactions and consider them at a further meeting.

MR PHILLIPS asked whether any definite word had been received from Tokyo as to the arrival of the Japanese delegation.

MR UYAMA replied that he had not received any official advice to date. His information that a delegation was due in Australia towards the end of October came informally from one of its members. He had heard no news to the contrary and was hopeful that last minute preparations were now being made in Tokyo for the departure of the delegation.

MR PHILLIPS confirmed that we would be prepared to commence full- scale negotiations by 1st November.

MR UYAMA intimated that he had recommended to Tokyo that detailed negotiations commence as soon as possible. He suggested that the papers submitted today could be discussed informally and that 1st November be the date tentatively set for the commencement of full- scale negotiations.

MR PHILLIPS said that confirmation from Tokyo of the date of arrival of other members of the Japanese delegation would now be awaited. We would exchange views informally in the meantime.

1 The meeting was held in the Department of Trade and chaired by Phillips. Others present were Uyama, Nishimiya, S. Kurahachi (a Japanese Consul in Sydney), Robertson, R.G. McNamee (Department of Trade) and Farrell.

2 Documents 151 and 152.

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