10th December, 1925


(Due to arrive Melbourne-9.1.26)

My dear P.M.,

I do not want to continue to bother you by sending all this Communist material [1] addressed personally to you, so that you are practically obliged to read it before passing it to Major Jones. [2] Could I not address it all, properly sealed, to Jones c/o Henderson [3] at your office, and let Jones extract anything of immediate interest or importance for you.

It is all of extreme secrecy as you know, especially the intercepted material. I do not want to suggest anything that would make for any chance of leakage. [4]

I am, Yours sincerely, R. G. CASEY

1 See Letter 24.

2 Major H. E. Jones, Director of the Investigation Branch in the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department.

3 Dr Walter Henderson, Head of the External Affairs Branch.

4 Surviving papers suggest that New Scotland Yard material channelled through Casey continued to be addressed to Bruce.