368 Notes by Shedden

Extract, WASHINGTON, April 1949


NOTES OF OFFICIAL DISCUSSIONS ON RESTORATION OF FLOW OF INFORMATION TO AUSTRALIA AND AUSTRALIAN SECURITY MEASURES Washington, April, 1949 1. INTRODUCTION On arrival in Washington on 7th April, I was met by Gordon Gray, the Assistant Secretary of the Army, who informed me that he would be deputizing for the Secretary of Defense in my discussions in Washington.

2. CONFERENCE WITH MR. GORDON GRAY, THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF THE ARMY, 11TH APRIL, 1949 On 11th April I met Mr. Gordon Gray and representatives of the Intelligence Services of the Navy, Army, Air Force, the Central Intelligence Authority, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the State Department.

I outlined the brief on security[1] and left a copy with Mr. Gordon Gray together with a copy of the brief on the security aspect of the joint Australian - United Kingdom Long Range Weapons Project. There was no discussion and Mr. Gray said that the documents would be examined and my representations considered.

[1] Document 369.

[AA : A5954, 1795/1]