256 Tange to Burton

Cablegram unnumbered, LONDON, 12 July 1949, 7.30 p.m.


Telegram[1] which you have received concerning Economic Development discussions arose out of discussion of the brief which was circulated to Departments. With regard to recommendations made I stressed the large amount of inter-departmental consultation which was initiated by us and you will no doubt bring this point to the Minister's attention when recommendations are discussed by Cabinet. With regard to suggestion attributing an order of priority to the various agencies I suggest that this be done on the merits of the particular projects proposed and not merely on the basis of a comparison of one agency with another.

2. I understand there is a view that the I.T.O. be given the main responsibility for co-ordination of the programme. This would cut across the clear functions of the United Nations and I suggest it should be opposed. In any case there cannot be an effective I.T.O. for a couple of years.

[1] Document 255.

[AA : A4311, 29/4]