153 Department of External Affairs to Jamieson

Cablegram 319[1] , CANBERRA, 4 August 1948, 5.45 p.m.


KOREA Your K.R.11 has crossed our 314 which should have made clear our views on some of the points you raise.

2. The main thing which you should bear in mind is that we do not think Commission should take any action which would in any way imply support for Syngman Rhee's claim for recognition of his 'government' as a government for all Korea. Such a claim is quite unreal in existing circumstances and remaining function of the Commission should be to report to the United Nations Assembly and leave the latter to decide what should next be done. It is for this reason that we consider that Commission should not participate officially in any ceremony to proclaim a national government for all Korea based solely on the Seoul Assembly.

3. If United States military government chooses to regard Syngman Rhee's 'government' as one which can exercise de facto authority over Southern Korea and to which administrative powers can be transferred, that should be a matter entirely for United States and we consider Commission should not be identified with any such transfer of authority. Any consultations between Commission and Korean leaders or Seoul Assembly should relate to possible means of bringing about true national government and not to devolution of limited administrative authority over part of Korea.

4. It is not clear from your telegram what Commission is being asked to vote on. Nor have we any text of latest United States note. Foregoing should however enable you to follow consistent course.

[1] Sent via Tokyo.

[AA : A1838, 852/20/4, IV]