91 Plimsoll to Tange

Cablegram unnumbered SS DOMINION MONARCH, 15 January 1949, 1.16


Received 16 January 1949, 9 a.m.


1. Minister notes difference between your instruction to Hood E.14 [1] and proposals of U.S.A. E.16 [2] in particular absence of reference to withdrawal of Dutch Forces. Presumes that you are following position and wireless reports closely because of great importance of the matter and keeping our representatives fully instructed. Position is not completely clear here from latest wireless reports.

Please keep Minister fully informed.

2. To Walsh or Doran.

No reply yet received from Oldham. Please advise immediately.

1 Document 84.

2 Document 85.

[AA : A1838, 854/10/4/5]