56 High Commission in New Delhi to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 17 NEW DELHI, [9 January 1949], 2.05 p.m.


Your telegram 8. [1] We have spoken to Bajpai but guardedly, in view of Bedi's telegram and Australian criticism which has been finding its way into the Indian Press.

Also informed that conference is not yet certain, the concern implied in your telegram (paragraph two last sentence) is valid.

There was no need for me to raise the question of postponement.

Bajpai, of his own accord, said that a postponement would offend the public opinion in countries which had been invited and he is opposed to it. On the question of adjournment he said that this would have to be decided at the time by the delegates present, after consultation with their Governments, and in the light of what the Security Council decided to do. He appeared ready to accept adjournment if the Security Council makes some positive and satisfactory move, he showed little optimism that this would be the case. Apropos of the election under the Good Offices Committee he remarked in passing that the Indonesians might refuse to join an interim Government. When pressed he claimed that he had nothing to support this surmise.

The Philippines are now coming but up to yesterday there were no further acceptances although Bajpai claims to feel that a full attendance is assured.

If we can pursue this matter safely I shall do so this week but much depends on 1. The Security Council, 2. Further responses to Indian invitations.

1 Document 37.

[AA : A1838, 383/1/25]