544 McIntyre to Spender

Cablegram 224 BATAVIA, 27 December 1949


Your telegrams 208 [1] and 209 [2] received. I propose to hand the message to Dr. Roem, who is acting Premier in Dr. Hatta's absence, at the conclusion of the ceremony of the transfer of sovereignty late this afternoon. I shall also release them to the press as from midnight tonight, Batavia time.

2. As the two messages clearly constitute recognition of Indonesia and its Government, the matter of timing of the release of the statement earlier approved by the Minister is now less important.

I had intended to suggest that it be released in Canberra tomorrow afternoon after President Sukarno has installed himself in the Palace about midday tomorrow. Please advise [3] urgently whether the Minister still wishes to release the statement at the time suggested, or whether he will prefer to regard publication of the two messages as sufficient evidence that recognition has been accorded.

3. I understand the United Kingdom Government's act of recognition will take the form simply of a personal message from Bevin to Hatta as soon as the ceremony at The Hague is completed.

1 Document 543.

2 Dispatched on 27 December, it informed McIntyre that the text of Document 543 had been conveyed to Quinn for delivery to Hatta and that McIntyre should deliver the message to the Indonesian authorities at the appropriate time.

3 In a cablegram dispatched on 28 December, the Department of External Affairs informed McIntyre that it had released a press statement on the night of 27 December for inclusion in the Australian morning press on 28 December.

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