535 United States Government to Australian Government

Aide-Memoire CANBERRA, 29 November 1949


With regard to forthcoming discussion in the General Assembly and Security Council of the United Nations, the Government of the United States considers that it should be the objective to aid the parties involved in the Indonesian question in carrying out agreements for the transfer of sovereignty and in effecting a final settlement of all remaining issues. The United States believes that the General Assembly and the Security Council should show toward the parties full and unanimous approval and appreciation of the statesmanlike measures taken by them toward settlement; that the General Assembly and the Security Council should avoid promising any action which might have the effect of blocking or deterring ratification of the Hague Agreements by either party; and that there should be laid as solid a ground-work as possible for favourable reception in the United Nations of the prospective Indonesian approach and implementation in the United Nations.

With regard to the General Assembly the Government of the United States considers it desirable that the members should note with gratification the results of The Hague Conference and should drop the item from the General Assembly agenda. To allow the item to remain on the Agenda might cast doubt on the existence of the international stability in Indonesia which has an important bearing on the qualifications for membership in the United Nations. Moreover there appears to be no substantive advantage in leaving the item on the agenda. If, after the item is dropped, the situation became grave, the matter could easily be placed on the agenda in the Fifth Session.

The Government of the United States especially hopes that those nations which participated in the New Delhi Conference will demonstrate now that they appreciate the wisdom of current measures being taken toward a final solution of the Indonesian problem. Although the nations which participated in the New Delhi Conference may consider that caution must be exercised toward the future, it is nevertheless hoped that they will be forthright in congratulating the Netherlands and the Indonesians on the success of The Hague Conference.

The Government of the United States proposes to make a short comment in the plenary committee emphasizing the voluntary and constructive measure of the action of the parties in reaching an agreement, recognizing the role of the United Nations in aiding settlement, and avoiding discussion of details of settlement such as the New Guinea problem, although placing some emphasis upon the prospective attributes of the Indonesian Nation as a likely candidate for membership in the United Nations.

It appears to the United States that it should be preferable for it not to sponsor the General Assembly resolution, although the United States delegation may wish to discuss the presentation of the resolution preferably from the New Delhi group, commending the parties for their statesmanlike steps in accomplishing the cessation of hostilities and arranging for early transfer of sovereignty.

As to the Security Council the United States considers that although discussion therein should be more detailed than in the General Assembly and although the Security Council should discuss the two recent UNCFI reports, the Security Council should not alter the UNCFI terms of reference or establish a new United Nations Commission. The United States has in mind that UNCFI intends to and is empowered to continue implementation of the Indonesian agreements under its prior terms of reference. The United States representative will express hearty approval of the steps taken toward solution of the Indonesian problem, will congratulate the parties on their statesmanship, and will mention United States hopes for harmonious and constructive cooperation between the parties in the future.

As in the case of the General Assembly, the United States does not believe that it should introduce the resolution in the Security Council. The United States believes that if a resolution is introduced, resolution should congratulate the parties, should urge continued efforts to obtain complete stability in Indonesia and should request the UNCFI to continue its functions and to report from time to time.

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