50 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN4 NEW YORK, 8 January 1949, 2.21 p.m.



1. At yesterday's meeting [1] Security Council received a report of the 6th January from the Consular Commission and one of the 7th January from G.O.C., these were not discussed. [2]

2. Van Royen told Council that hostilities had come to an end as far as the Netherlands Forces are concerned. His Government hopes now that the disorganised groups which may be left over from the former Republican Army will on their part also respect the Council's call to cease hostilities. He reported on the loss of life up to the 3rd January and urged the Council to realise that the losses were far below the number of peaceful Indonesian civilians murdered by Republican infiltrants during the months preceding the action. He informed the Council of the release of all but four political prisoners now given freedom in Bangka.

3. Palar reported Indonesians are carrying out effective guerilla warfare. Romulo was particularly critical of the Council's actions describing them as the most tragic in its history. He stated the present position was brought about largely by the failure of members to agree on a strong resolution in Paris that would at least demand withdrawal of troops to pre-battle positions. He attacked vacillations of policies of United States and United Kingdom.

4. Makin made a statement along lines of your recent telegrams.

(Copy by air.) He stated Netherlands actions must not be condoned by the Security Council ignoring the position or delaying positive action. Rau considered failure to solve the Indonesian question would be a fatal blow to the effectiveness of the Council.

5. Despite strong opposition by Makin Council adjourned until Tuesday afternoon. Before the meeting United States gave as reasons for opposing an earlier meeting the change in the Secretary of State and the expected arrival of Cochran on Monday.

6. Rau has invited Makin to discuss with him at Washington today a proposed resolution to be put forward next Tuesday.

7. Belgium has been invited to participate in Security Council discussions on Indonesia.

1 The full text of the meeting of the Security Council on 7 January is given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Fourth Year, No. 1, 397th meeting, pp.1-33.

2 The texts of these reports, S1190 and S1189, are given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Fourth Year, Supplement for January, pp.6-18.

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