494 Pritchett to Critchley and Department of External Affairs

Cablegrams The Hague 7, K341 BATAVIA, 24 September 1949


On September 20, s'Jacob went to Djocja with proposals [1] from The Hague, which provided for co-ordinated patrolling and joint administration by the Dutch and Republic in the Semarang Recomba, Central Java and the East Java Recomba territory. These proposals were conditional upon the Republic withdrawing its military and civil installations in East Java and Pasundan. s'Jacob explained that the Netherlands forces would immediately begin withdrawing to the ports and the KNIL would regroup in the towns at the end of the Round Table conference. The Republic was not willing to withdraw from the Negaras and s'Jacob agreed to accept any compromise which the Republic and the Negaras might reach.

Wongsonegoro left for Pasundan yesterday and will visit Sourabaya on Monday for discussions with the Negaras. The Republican cabinet will then meet next Wednesday to consider the Dutch proposals.

2. s'Jacob also discussed South Borneo and agreed to the establishment of a local Joint Committee. However, he requested that the Republic send some senior civil officers to assist in the administration and help end the general strike.

For Critchley Only 3. The Sultan told me Thursday that he was worried by the tension in Djocja over the situation at The Hague. The PNI and the Masjumi have requested the recall of Hadinoto and Sukiman, but he has refused this pending the Cabinet meeting next week. He is most anxious for information from The Hague and I said I should try to obtain an appreciation from you. Any information you might send would have to reach me by Monday noon for me to pass it on to the Sultan before his return to Djocja from his present Sumatra trip.

1 See Part II of Document 497.

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