435 Eaton to De Beus

Letter BATAVIA, 16 June 1949

I have the honour to refer to discussions between Jhr. de Ranitz and Mr. Pritchett concerning the post-UNRRA relief supplies for the Republic of Indonesia.

I understand from Mr. Pritchett that the following arrangement has been agreed upon: that to save storage costs, the goods be at once transferred to Indonesian Red Cross store rooms which have now become available; that when the present discussions on the territories to be restored to the Republic are concluded, the goods be divided between Republican and formerly Republican areas (i.e. those controlled by the Republic prior to 19th December last) on the basis of hospital figures (number of beds, number of patients per week, etc.); that on this new allocation being agreeable to you, the portion for the Republic be handed over to it, and the portion reserved for the formerly Republican areas be distributed by the Indonesian Red Cross, in co-operation with Lt.

Col. Sullivan, as previously arranged for all the stores.

I understand further, that the question of distribution of the textiles is still under consideration and I have the honour to request your early advice of the decision in this matter.

It is proposed to move the goods as soon as harbour clearance and transport can be arranged. In this connection I have the honour further to request your assistance in securing a clearance through the Customs authorities and in supporting the application of the Indonesian Red Cross for the necessary transport. Details of the goods are attached.

I avail myself of this opportunity to renew to you, Sir, the assurance of my high consideration.

[AA : A4357/2, 352/2, i]