433 Pritchett to Eaton

Minute BATAVIA, 15 June 1949


For your information, the position regarding the Post-UNRRA Relief Supplies is as follows:

2. The Department has approved the distribution of these supplies in accordance with the arrangements set out in my cablegram No.79 [1] of 31st May (file 352/2).

3. In detail, both copies of the Bills of Lading, duly endorsed by you, should be taken to the K.J.C.P.L. Office at Priok. The agent there will then give us a clearance for Customs. On receipt of the Customs clearance, I suggest that all papers for the removal of the stores be handed over to Dr. Bahder Djohan, the Indonesian Red Cross Representative, under cover of a letter setting out the nature of the stores and the conditions governing their distribution. It will then be up to him to arrange for the actual removal of the stores. I asked De Ranitz to assist us with the Customs authorities and to support the Red Cross application for the necessary transport.

4. Dr. Bahder Djohan is obtaining the hospital figures on which to base the new allocation. This will have to be approved by the Government of Indonesia, but that matter will be handled by De Ranitz and I do not anticipate any further difficulties. You might care to consult Dr. Leimena and Dr. Sullivan, when making the allocation; both are medical men and can be of assistance.

5. You will note that the question of the textiles is still outstanding. De Ranitz informs me that this is purely a matter for the Army and he has been unable to obtain a decision since General Spoor died. If there is no news by the end of next week, it might be worthwhile taking the matter up at a higher level.

6. I arranged for Mr. Rae to inspect the supplies about a month ago and he reported that they were securely stored and in good condition.

7. With reference to paragraph 2 of the Department's memorandum No.260 [2] of 8th December and their telegram No. 12 [3] of 12th January, it appears that 59,000 tablets of plasmoquin were consigned on the 'Maetsuycker' for the Dutch Central Medical Stores at Batavia. However, no documents or lists in respect of these stores have yet been received here. The Department also sent to us lists, with copies of the lists of code numbers, in respect of the goods on the 'Tjipondok' for the Authorities; the Bills of Lading and Stores Issue Notes for these goods are also still to come.

1 Document 426.

2 Not published.

3 Dispatched on 12 January, it contained information about the Australian relief supplies on board the Maetsuycker.

[AA : A4357/2, 352/2, i]