407 Pritchett to Sastroamidjojo

Letter BATAVIA, 18 May 1949


I am sending to you today a note [1], and various annexes, containing further details of my Government's offer of educational supplies. I hope these will be sufficient to inform you of my Government's proposals and for you to formulate your own requests on the basis of the special needs existing in the Republic. For your information I have also included the major comments made by Mr. Schrader during my discussions with him earlier in the year.

In order that arrangements for the supply of the materials requested might be finalized as soon as possible I shall be most grateful to receive your early advice as to the allocation of the grant you desire.

With regard to the scholarships, I have now received authority from the Government to re-open the discussions and I shall approach the Far Eastern Office along the lines we suggested on Monday, before the end of the week. It would be most helpful, then, if you would be good enough to mention the matter informally to Dr. van Royen, as you proposed, and if you could secure his assistance in obtaining the approval of the local authorities to my negotiating directly with you on the matter and to the Republic selecting its scholars independently of the Education Department in Djakarta. I shall keep you informed of the developments.

P.S. For your information, I might mention that I have also suggested to Dr. Leimena that it would be helpful if he secured the support of Dr. van Royen in regard to the arrangements for the post-UNRRA relief supplies.

1 Not published.
[AA : A4357/2, 352/1]