402 Quinn to Burton

Cablegram unnumbered THE HAGUE, 16 May 1949, 7 p.m.


According to non-official informant (Dr. Feuilleteu de Bruyns, Editor of the periodical 'Nieuw Guinea') John Ariks, leader of the Netherlands New Guinea Papuans, now in Batavia, is anxious to interview Critchley and Herremans. Information has been telephoned to him from Batavia.

2. According to this informant, Christian Papuans as well as Twapro (representing Menadonese Christians) and Persetuan Timur Besar (representing Ambonese and Timorese) are strongly anti- Republican and desire to break away from East Indonesia because of alleged pro-Republican [1] of Anak Agung Gde. He believes that a number of [2] including the Sultan of Ternate might join in a break away move.

3. In view of our special interest in the attitude of the Netherlands, New Guinea and Timor populations I thought it worthwhile to pass this on to you in case you might think it desirable to suggest to Critchley that he grant Ariks an interview. Regret unable to evaluate information reference to local official sources. My memorandum [3] Hague 141/49 refers.

3 Not published.

[AA : A1838, 403/3/1/1, xxii]